House in Camden

This property benefits from a magnificent garden with impressive views to the rear. The original lower ground floor lacked a visual connection to outside, and access to the garden was restricted. This building was suffering from extensive subsidence, which required immediate rectification. Once the subsidence had been resolved and had settled works commenced.
The existing small first floor kitchen was relocated to the lower ground floor, allowing for an extra bedroom and larger bathrooms. The dark lower ground floor which was used as storage space was opened up creating a large open plan area that included hidden utility storage spaces, cloakroom, wc, kitchen and dining area. Large sliding glazed doors and floor to ceiling glazing were incorporated into the rear, allowing views and maximum natural light into the previous dark space. New decking was installed to allow for alfresco eating, merging the internal space with the external incorporating large stepped areas gently descending to gradually meet the large private landscaped garden at the bottom.

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